Objective of Capacity Development Collaboration

The Capacity Development Collaboration via CyberSecurity Malaysia Collaboration Program (CCP) serves as the strategic program for catalyzing and facilitating CyberSecurity Malaysia’s collaboration with the local and international cyber security training providers as well as other government entities in fostering the development and innovation of Malaysia’s cyber security capabilities and capacities building.

Through this initiative, CyberSecurity Malaysia bundles its training programs into selected local and international training programs and work closely with industry collaborators to further enhance, deliver and market these services effectively and efficiently.


The benefits of being part of Capacity Development Collaboration

By becoming a CyberSecurity Malaysia collaborator, your organisation will gain access to CyberSecurity Malaysia’s various training programs that are crucial for an information security professional growth. Our training programs are developed based on CyberSecurity Malaysia’s renowed domain expertise and experience across the cyber security value chain.

Participation in this program will also provide access to potential collaborations and synergies with CyberSecurity Malaysia, related government entities and with other CyberSecurity Malaysia collaborator. Members can then leverage on the strengths of one another and bridge the market gaps by providing high quality and highly relevant cyber security training programs.

To sign up as a collaborator, you may visit our website :