Certified Cybersecurity Awareness Educator (CCAsE)

A hands-on training and professional certification programme that provides the essential know-how, which focuses on the human aspect of cyber security. This will enable educators to develop and implement an effective security awareness programme for their target audience.


  1. Educators in public and private schools and institutions of higher learning
  2. Institution of Higher Learning



  1. Opportunity for career advancement.
  2. Raising awareness on staying safe and good conduct online through education.
  3. Building a community of teachers with knowledge, skills and attitude to raise cyber security awareness to students.
  4. Understand the difference between awareness, training and education.



  1. Design, develop, conduct, monitor, assess, revise and maintain a comprehensive cyber security awareness programme for their target audience in education institutions.
  2. Create timely and relevant topics for cyber security awareness programmes by identifying and mapping specific elements of the global digital citizenship framework or its equivalent with prevailing cyber security issues amongst students.
  3. Appraise developing threats and current trends to produce appropriate topics and content for a pro-active cyber security awareness programme to mitigate cyber security risks amongst students.
  4. Analyse topics of subjects within the curriculum that are relevant for incorporation of cyber security awareness teaching and learning activities and develop the resources.
  5. Evaluate and select the most reliable sources for information on the latest development, trends and concepts for application to cyber security awareness in education.
  6. Facilitate the development of the educational institution's strategic cyber security plan and policies.

Datin Dr. Norrizan Razali
Managing Director
Tech Capacity Sdn Bhd

Dr. Norrizan Razali is the master trainer and the lead consultant for the CCAsE training modules and examination. She has an illustrious 28-year career in the education industry with emphasis in educational technology. Her experience and skills encompass the academia at the National University of Malaysia, consultancy on research and policy formulation and education program management at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies and the Multimedia Development Corporation as well as the management of sales operations for the education segment at Microsoft and Apple. Datin Dr. Norrizan Razali founded Tech Capacity which is focused on sustaining and scaling the mission of building learners, educators, leaders and organizations’ capacity to continuously develop and thrive in the perpetually technology infused environment. An Ivy League qualified educationalist and a hands-on professional, Datin Dr. Norrizan Razali engages learners and leaders at a variety of organizations with approaches to build their capacity for integrating technology optimally and securely for learning development. Her recent pioneering work focuses on digital citizenship in Malaysia. She produces digital citizenship content and frameworks for national cybersecurity initiatives. Dr. Norrizan is also a leading figure in the industry where she serves on various boards of companies and institutions.

En. Jazannul Azriq Bin Aripin
Senior Executive
CyberSecurity Malaysia

The CCAsE examination is certified by the Global ACE Certification. The examination framework is designed to align with a set of relevant Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) that are necessary for a Secure Application Professional. Candidates will be tested via a combination of either continual assessment (CA), multiple choice (MC), theory/underpinning knowledge assessment (UK), practical assessment (PA), assignments (AS) and case studies (CS) as required.

Candidates can take the examination at authorized examination centres in participating member countries. Candidates who have successfully passed the CCAsE examination will be eligible to apply as an associate or professional member by fulfilling the membership criteria defined under the Global ACE Certification.

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Training Fee: MYR2,520.00
Exam Fee: MYR1,255.80

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