Master of Cyber Security

By considering working IT professionals as their main target group, the course are designed as a 5-days learning module which is presented in classroom style incorporating active learning, lab activities, discussion and real-world case studies. The course is assessed based on 60% ongoing practical assessment and 40% final examination. Assignments are part of the practical assessment and they must be completed within the subsequent three weeks for full-time students and six weeks for part-time students.

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Master of Science (Cybersecurity)

Master of Science in Cybersecurity aims to produce graduates equipped with competitive knowledge, principles, and skills in the technical and fundamental theories of multidiscplinary areas to manage and explore cybersecurity governance issues.

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Bachelor of Computer Science (Cyber Security) (Hons.)

This programme emphasis on theoretical and practical applications in cybersecurity. The focus in cyber security means that students are not only trained to protect computer systems and networks, but they are also trained to extend the security protection to humans, who are the users of the computer systems. This holistic view of security would enable the students to become technically competent in various aspects of security, as well as giving them the right mindset to take up a leadership role in managing cybersecurity in an organization. Given that UNITEN is a subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), students are also exposed to the niche domain knowledge of security for critical infrastructure, where the expertise in this area is highly sought after in the industry.

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